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Help installing ice for php5

KamiKami Member Man ManlyOrganization: MrogyProject: Mrogy Software
My system:
Win 32bit
Apache HTTPD 2.2.11 + Openssl 0.9.8i
PHP 5.2.8 ( tried also 5.2.6 )

Put all things where they have to be
also done:

to my php.ini

There's no error... even not in error.logs
php.exe shows me that ice is loaded as modul but I get the following error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function ice_loadprofile()

What can i do? ._.


  • mesmes CaliforniaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Mark SpruiellOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice Developer ZeroC Staff
    Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately, setting up IcePHP + PHP + Apache is a non-trivial task, and it's quite easy to overlook a step. Have you reviewed in the information in the README file included with the Ice VC6 installer?

  • KamiKami Member Man ManlyOrganization: MrogyProject: Mrogy Software
    I reinstalled my Webserver and tried it again step by step now it works
    i actually don't know what i've done wrong maybe it just was misconfigured bymyself ... i've done some experiments on the old webserver settings

    It's actually very easy to install it... well thanks for help anyway
    From what i've seen now is that ICE is a really comfortable and "easy to use" (erm linkin library?)
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