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slice2objc compiler

slypeteslypete Member Pete SylvesterOrganization: Coconaut StudiosProject: iPhone/iPod Game ✭✭
Hello ZeroC,

I am having trouble trying to compile this slice with the slice2objc compiler:
#include <Glacier2/Router.ice>

module Datatypes
   dictionary<string, Glacier2::Router*> RouterPrxDict;

Seems like it's due to the proxy operator in the second dictionary type.
what():  ../../include/IceUtil/Handle.h:46: IceUtil::NullHandleException
/Users/pete/Pelican/build/Pelican.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/Pelican-simulator.build/Script-C1485FAB0ED48D6D0096E2D5.sh: line 3: 92186 Abort trap              DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib IceTouch/slice/slice2objc -I IceTouch/slice -I . --output-dir Network/Generated Network/Slice/Datatypes.ice

Is this a bug?



  • dwaynedwayne St. John's, NewfoundlandMember Dwayne BooneOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Internet Communications Engine
    That is a bug, the slice compilers should never abort. We will look into it.
  • michimichi Member Michi HenningOrganization: Triodia TechnologiesProject: I have a passing interest in Ice :-) ✭✭✭
    I've post a patch for this problem. Thanks for reporting this bug!


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