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help for install Ice-3.3.1

walliwalli Member Qiong QingfengOrganization: Tsinghua UniversityProject: Honeynet
ice : 3.3.1
db : 4.6.21
os : tubo es linux 2.6 x86_64

during make come in to FreezeScript

../../lib/libFreeze.so: undefined reference to `Db::set_errcall(void (*)(char const*, char*))'
../../lib/libFreeze.so: undefined reference to `Db::set_bt_maxkey(unsigned int)'
../../lib/libFreeze.so: undefined reference to `Db::stat(void*, unsigned int)'

why got these errors?

thanks !


  • denndenn Member Denn SporcicOrganization: L3 NautronixProject: Great Barrier Reef Vessel Tracking System
    Whenever you see an undefined symbol error. Two things are happening.
    Usually the most common error is that the linker is unable to find the library where the function resides.
    Or... if your statically linking, order of your libraries can pose an issue. This is a general rule under Unix environments.

    On your command line, look at the command above the error, should start with gcc or g++, follow and find all arguments starting with -L and -l (upper and lower l for lima). This option tells the compiler/linker where to look for your libraries.

    Your error seems to say it can't find db library. So you are missing -ldb or the path to libdb -L/usr/local/lib or /usr/local/db/lib something like that.

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