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IceE (CE/Mobile) port to C#?

Hi there,

I think I have seen a few similar posts in the past but wanted to check back on whether you have anything on the current roadmap to provide a C# version of IceE (i.e. that port would be targeting the .NET Compact Framework).

Going through PInvoke is really not a nice solution since the native DLL to call into from C# would need to map the current IceE C++ classes to C-like structures and functions...

If it's not on the current roadmap, would such a port be at all something you'd consider interesting enough to do?

Could the silverlight port be used one way or another?



  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    We don't currently have a plan to do a C# version of IceE. Since our roadmap is mostly driven by our commercial customers, if you have commercial interest please contact us at

    Whether or not Silverlight would be useful depends on whether Silverlight is available on your platform of choice.