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Patch #1 for MCPP 2.7.2

dwayne St. John's, Newfoundland
This patch resolves crashes that could sometimes occur in the Slice compilers when passing multiple Slice files.

The patch needs to be applied to MCPP 2.7.2, after which you will need to rebuild MCPP and then also rebuild the Slice library (cpp/src/Slice) in Ice.

To apply the patch:
cd mcpp-2.7.2
patch -p0 < patch.mcpp.2.7.2.txt

Please see the third-party source code archive available on the download page for instructions on how to build MCPP.


  • Is it worth sending this patch to upstream mcpp?
  • dwayne
    dwayne St. John's, Newfoundland
    We have submitted this patch to the maintainer of mcpp but have no indication of when the next version of mcpp, which will hopefully contain this patch, will be released.