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how to set timeout for each call?

Hi there,

I know how to set the connection timeout in the proxy string (i.e. -t parameter); how about each Ice method call? Can I set different timeout value for different calls? So that some calls can have longer timeout but some shorter?



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    Hi Alex,

    You can use a different timeout for each remote invocation, but you'll need to create a new proxy using ice_timeout:
    int newTimeout = ...;
    HelloPrx newProxy = (HelloPrx)oldProxy.ice_timeout(newTimeout);
    Note that Ice creates a new connection to the server for each unique endpoint-timeout combination. Remember also that timeouts affect all pending invocations on the same connection.

    Hope that helps,
  • You can call ice_timeout on a proxy to create a new proxy with a different timeout. Note that the Ice run time uses a separate connection for each distinct timeout value, so you should avoid having dozens or more different timeout values, unless you are willing to use that many connections.