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IceE and IceGrid

I have a quick question;

I would like to use IceGrid + Replication with embedded devices, I would obviously prefer to use IceE on the embedded devices and Ice on the servers but as things are now I think I need to used Ice on both embededd and server implementations. I need to run nodes and servers on the embedded devices therefore I need (at least) icegirdnode.

The basic design will be that replication will provide a means for the embedded devices to implement a local database if the remote database server is down therefore I thought that IceGrid would provide this seamlessly using ordering and replication.

Is it by design that ZeroC decided that those executables are only provided by Ice and not IceE? Should I bother trying to migrate these to IceE or should I just accept the overhead of running Ice on an embedded arm device?

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  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Porting the IceGrid node to Ice-E wouldn't be very trivial as Ice-E doesn't support AMD. So I would recommend to use Ice if you need to run the IceGrid node on your embedded device. Unless your embedded platform is very limited in flash and memory size, it shouldn't be an issue.

    If you really need Ice-E on your embedded device, you should consider whether or not the benefits of also running the IceGrid node are worth it. Some replication features are available without the IceGrid node, albeit in a more limited form: servers are started manually and they register their endpoints with the IceGrid registry for a given adapter and replica group. Clients can then invoke on proxies from the replica group and will get the endpoints all of the running servers. See Michi's article Teach Yourself IceGrid in 10 minutes for more information on this and for a quick introduction to IceGrid.