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2 grids, 1 IceStorm

Hi all,

I've done the following test.
  • One machine with IceGrid an IceStorm in replica mode and once ice server S => Machine A
  • One machine with IceGrid and one server R => Machine B

We want S and R to be able to broadcast and listen to the same IceStorm "message_me" method.

Server R subscribes to the IceStorm of Machine A. This requires doing a set_locator on the proxy of the topicmanager otherwise it cannot find IceStorm.

This done, when Server R messages IceStorm, S gets the message.

However when S sends a message, R cannot receive it, as IceStorm cannot locate R (no object adapter with id 'R' registered).

I think the problem is that IceStorm only looks for servers on its current locator.

Is it possible to "share" one IceStorm with two different grids?


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    No, there's no way to tell IceStorm to use a given Ice locator for one subscriber and another locator for another subscriber. Why don't you just use a single IceGrid registry here?

  • Thanks for the answer Benoît. There's no real intent behind the configuration I'm just hacking around to see if it's possible to use IceStorm as a transgrid communication bus.