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Connection refused (ICE)

I have installed zeroc-ice32 (aptitude install zeroc-ice32)

At the first time it worked. But later I get the following message:
Ice_UnknownLocalException Object ( [unknown] => Network.cpp:679:
Ice::ConnectionRefusedException: connection refused: Connection refused 
[message:protected] => [string:private] => [code:protected] => 0 
[file:protected] => /srv/usr/murmur/weblist.php [line:protected] => 12 
[trace:private] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [file] => /srv/usr/murmur
/weblist.php [line] => 12 [function] => ice_checkedCast [class] => 
Ice_ObjectPrx [type] => ->  [args] => Array ( [0] => ::Murmur::Meta ) ) ) )

I couldn't find the mistake. So I have removed zerox-ice32 (aptitude purge ...) and installed again.

After this I get the message (look above) immediately.

Can somebody help me or give some ideas?

My system:
- Linux 2.6.24-etchnhalf.1-686 #1 SMP Mon Jul 27 03:17:17 UTC 2009 i686

- PHP Version 5.2.6-1+lenny3

- Ice version 3.2.1

- ice.slice (/srv/usr/murmur/


  • A connection refused exception indicates that no server is running at the port the client is trying to connect to.

    You can run the client with --Ice.Trace.Network=2 to trace connection attempts. This shows you the IP address and port number the client uses to reach the server. Almost certainly, the address and port number used by the client do not match the address and port number used by the server.

    Another possibility is that a firewall prevents the client from reaching the server. However, in that case, the more common exception is ConnectTimeoutException because, usually, firewalls simply drop the connection request instead of actively refusing it.


  • Hello Michi,

    thanks for your input.

    Also I have read this post:

    But I can't find the client or the server

    (./server --Ice.Trace.Network=2 or ./client --Ice.Trace.Network=2)

    What I have found was:


    In the glacier2router.cfg I see:

    Glacier2.Client.Endpoints=ssl -p 4064 -h
    Glacier2.Server.Endpoints=tcp -h
  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    All we can tell is that a PHP script tries to connect to an endpoint and it fails because nothing is listening on this endpoint. Did you follow the instructions on mumble web site about setting up Ice (here)? In any case, I would recommend to check with the Murmur forum/mailing list for more information on this.

  • Hi,

    my first try was on Debian Etch. Mumbleviewer was not running.

    I have change to Lenny. Also Mumbleviewer was not running.

    I have deinstalled all and started on this way - here my protocol:

    apt-get update

    aptitude install zeroc-ice32

    apt-get install mumble-server libzeroc-ice32 php-zeroc-ice lzma

    goto /home

    unlzma -v murmur-static_x86-1.1.8.tar.lzma
    tar xfv murmur-static_x86-1.1.8.tar

    config your /etc/mumble-server.ini

    edit /etc/default/mumble-server

    shutdown -r now

    cd /home/murmur-static_x86-1.1.8
    chmod +x ./murmur.x86
    cp murmur.x86 /usr/sbin/murmurd
    cp /var/lib/mumble-server/

    make your php configs

    /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

    Now mumbleviewer is running!

    Thanks for reflection! :D:D Now I love ICE ;)

    Greetings from Germany