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Ice with non-package PHP 5.2.10


I'm trying to get a ICE PHP extention that works with PHP 5.2.10. However, since I did not install PHP via a package manager (yum) and the one in the CentOS repository is of a earler version of PHP it is proving very challenging.

The default that downloads via yum (I'm running CentOS 5.3 by the way) won't load due to the API version. However, when compiling I need to install php-devel which prompts me to install PHP from my package manager. If I accept my webserver loses PHP functionality (Zend Server) and it installs a earler version of PHP. If I compile under this environment then I still get the API error since it is using a earler version of PHP that I was forced to install in order to get php-devel.

Is there somewhere I can downloaded a pre-compiled for PHP version 5.2.10 or can anyone help me fix my problem?




  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    If you compiled PHP-5.2.10 yourself and want to compile IcePHP with it, you should download the Ice 3.3.1 source distribution and compile IcePHP yourself. This will involve building both Ice for C++ and Ice for PHP. You'll need to do something like the following:
    $ tar zvxf Ice-3.3.1
    $ cd cpp
    <review INSTALL.LINUX for prerequisites and compilation instructions> 
    $ make install
    $ cd ../php
    <review INSTALL for prerequisites and compilation instructions, in particular, make sure to edit php/config/Make.rules to set PHP_HOME to point to your PHP installation>
    $ make install

    You shouldn't need the php-devel package if you built PHP, you should just need to make sure the PHP_HOME setting in php/config/Make.rules is correctly set to your PHP distribution (and eventually PHP_INCLUDE_DIR and PHP_LIB_DIR).