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Building Ice (3.6.0) for python 3.x when C++ version built with C++11 enabled

After building Ice 3.6.0 C++ with C++11 enabled, I tried building for python. The $(SLICEPARSERLIB) was pointing to an incorrect (non-existent) file in cpp/ directory and hence build was failing.

Then I modified toplevel/config/Make.common.rules, added this line at top :
CPP11 = yes

This resulted in correct behaviour of mklibfilename and then SLICEPARSERLIB had correct values. The build succeeded.

After build->install however, the .so file created was named IcePy++11 instead of IcePy, and thus importing Ice module in python was failing. I fixed this by manually making a symlink. So far its a success. I ran (with command : python3 and all tests were successful.