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Problem getting Ice Admin proxy

I have obtain an admin session using Registry with username and password however calling the getAdmin function result in Ice.ObjectNotExistException.

Any one knows why?


  • Okay I figure out the problem by obtaining the Locator then getting the Registry from that.

  • Did you set Ice.Admin.Endpoints? Unless you set this property, no Admin object is provided by the server. If the property is set, check that its setting is correct and that you also set Ice.Admin.InstanceName or, set Ice.Admin.ServerId and Ice.DefaultLocator.

    You can run the client with --Ice.Trace.Protocol=1 to verify the object identity used by the client matches the object identity of the admin object.

    Section 39.21 in the manual provides more detail.


  • Sorry, a colleague just pointed out that this is about the IceGrid admin session and the link in previous post pointed at the wrong place. I've updated the link to point at the right section: 32.21.