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Information Assurance and ICE grid port numbers

We are having to develop an Information Assurance (IA) package for DISA certification purposes for our product that utilizes the Ice Grid. Part of this package is a "ports, protocols, and services" information. Utilizing the ICE grid location services allocates ports dynamically, and we have to identify which ports are used, which is obviously very difficult when ports are dynamically being allocated. I was wondering if you have any guidance to offer, or know of anybody having to get IA certification for a system using the ICE grid. If not, if you could point me somewhere.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    I'm not aware of any customers asking for such a certification. Note that you don't necessarily have to use dynamic ports for servers deployed with IceGrid. You could also configure the servers to listen on fixed ports if this makes it easier to pass the certification (you can specify the -p <port> option in the tcp or ssl endpoints to set the port).