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running murmur-ice thru glacier2


i want to run a few of murmur-servers and there are running on different hosts.

I have a webserver with ICEphp and my webservice to administrate my mumble-servers:
Example IP:

The murmur-server hosts are:
ex. IPs: -

How must i configure the Glacier2 and the murmur-ice to connect the murmur-servers with my webinterface?

How can i make different passwords for each murmur-server?
Can i change the password.txt entrys without restart the Glacier2?



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Florian,

    You may want to post your question on the Mumble/Murmur forums ( Forums for Mumble) -- this forum is about Ice!

    Glacier2 is a firewall traversal service, that allows Ice clients to talk to Ice servers through a single hole in your firewall.

    Here, if I understand correctly, you have:
    - several Ice servers on network
    - one client (your IcePHP application) on network
    - a firewall/router that protects from other networks

    So you want to run one (or more) Glacier2 router on your network, and open a hole in this firewall for the Glacier2 router, to allow your IcePHP client to talk to the Murmur servers through this hole. (If there is no firewall, the IcePHP client could talk directly to the servers -- no need for Glacier2).

    If you use a single Glacier2 router, by default, all authenticated users have the same access (e.g. access to all your Murmur servers). You can do something more fine grained using Dynamic Filtering (, which requires some programming.

    Also, if you use the "Crypt Password" authentication mechanism (, you need to restart the Glacier2 router each time you change this file; there is no way to tell Glacier2 to re-read it.

    Best regards,