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How to build slice2py ?

mat42xmat42x Member Mathias MuellerOrganization: Objective GmbHProject: Infotainment
I tried to build the actual master of version 3.7.
Everything works fine.
Except I cannot find the slice2py executable?

I found a file <git-trunk>/python/config/s2py.py , which looks like to do the compile job. But it does not get installed in /opt/Ice-3.7.0/bin


  • xdmxdm La Coruña, SpainAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Jose Gutierrez de la ConchaOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice Developer ZeroC Staff
    You can build and install slice2py from cpp/src/slice2py that is not done by default. We now use pip as our main source for Ice for Python and it install a similar script but that is not done with the regular source distribution.

    We will try to improve that for 3.7 release.

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