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Bug: string parsing ice 3.6.2 centos6 python 2.6


I have installed ice 3.6.2 on centOS 6 with python 2.6, I noticed an error when parsing the description (slice2py) of a field in a slice file.
e.g. file
/** * is a "stateless service" **/ interface ServiceInterface

will generate an error", line 54 is a "stateless service"""" ^ SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal
The problem seems to have been introduced by commit a0b5da479c78037c562158fb55f643c58f4111e7

The current workaround is to use double-quote.




  • mes
    mes California
    Thanks for reporting this.

    It's the trailing double-quote in your Slice comment that causes this problem. The commit you mentioned cleaned up some docstring issues, including the use of """ instead of ''' for delimiting the docstrings. Unfortunately that introduced the possibility for this issue to occur. An easy workaround in your example would be to add punctuation after the double quote, such as a period.

    We'll add a fix for this pretty soon.
  • Thanks for the answer, I will try the punctuation trick.