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How to access service properties using icegridadmin on the command line on a shared communicator


When not using a shared communicator, retrieving service properties work like they used to (before ice 3.6). When a shared communicator is used, they're not found anymore.

Glancing at ServiceManagerI.cpp it seems like the property facet is registered on the prefix IceBox.SharedCommunicator, but I don't see a way I could access that from icegridadmin (as it always checks if the service exists).

Example protocol trace:
reply status = 2 (object not exist)
identity = MyGrid-RegistryServerAdminRouter/MyIceBox
facet = IceBox.Service.MyService.Properties
operation = getPropertiesForPrefix

The attached patch is a (probably not sufficient) workaround that fixes the problem in a backwards compatible way. The same probl