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It takes 3-10 minutes for a icegridnode connecting to icegridregistry

DonaldDonald Member Donald WongOrganization: PersonalProject: proof of concept

I have several machines in digitalocean.com. They are all ubuntu 14.04 + ice 3.5.1.

If the icegridregistry and icegridnode are in same region, everything is fine. However, if the machines are in different regions, e.g. registry in Singapore and node in US, it takes 3-10 minutes for the node showing up in registry.

Is it normal? Or how can it be improved?

The ping time is within 200ms. Both registry and node are bound to public ip only. And icegridadmin from node machine connects instantly. "telnet registryip 4061" and "telnet nodeip nodeport" connect without any problem, all shows "IcePxxxxx".

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