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messy code of service name when using IceBox::Service

I set up a icegrid environment with two nodes, one is host on ubuntu and the other is host on win10, and I create a sample service using IceBox::Service. After I start up the nodes and services, the ubuntu side is works fine, but win10 side is not work.
when I print the "name" parameter like this:

void ObjectService::start(const ::std::string& name, const ::Ice::CommunicatorPtr& comPtr, const ::Ice::StringSeq& args)
std::cout << "ServiceName = " << name << std::endl;
, it shows me a messy code :
" ServiceName = 嬋塎鼌?凴 婾魠?呮? 婾鴢=€ "
and the service is failed to start up some times.

is anyone can help me on this ? thanks a lot.
BTW: I use vs14 to complie my code, and all the bin&lib used in my environment is for vs14 version.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    Can you attach your XML deployment descriptor so that we can review it?


  • I'v solved this issue, it is caused by the mismatched use of debug&release version when I setup environment.