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repository problem

i've been suggested by to past these here for you guys.

apt-get is broken on my box after trying to get a Mumble channel viewer working using ICE.

any suggestions by linux itself or apt-get just lead me in circles.

it'd be really nice to be able to apt-get again. :smile:



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    The problems is that you are mixing packages from ZeroC and Ubuntu repositories, those are not compatible.

    If you need Ice 3.6.2 you should use the packages from ZeroC repository, Ubuntu is still using 3.5.x, but this mean you will need to remove all 3.5.x packages from your system.

    If you want to use 3.5.x use the packages from Ubuntu repository and get rid of packages from ZeroC repositories.

  • i'm not sure how to take what you said and use it to remove zeroc completely from the box. because thats what i want to accomplish, do i just do a 'find zeroc' and rm everything i see?

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    If you want to remove ZeroC packages you must use:

    apt-get remove <pakcage-name>

    Then you can also remove the ZeroC repository from /etc/apt/source.list