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About the closed() event, and reconnection strategy

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When directly connecting to an ICE server (no GLACIER2) from my node.js app (V3.6.2), I set ACM like this:'Ice.ACM.Close', '4');'Ice.ACM.Heartbeat', '3');'Ice.ACM.Timeout', '15');

        closed() {
          debug('who called this closed() function???');

It seems to me as the closed() function is actually called remotely by the ICE server.

If I disconnect the networking on my client, the closed() function is called only once I reconnect the networking again (which means that my client can connect to the server, detect that it has been closed by the server, and then invoke the closed() function.

I am correct?

if yes, my next question will be: should I try to detect a network failure, or should I just wait that my closed() function has been invoked to call again my reconnect() logic.

Many thanks for your answers !! :)



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    As previously mentioned on this thread, when the closed callback is called depends on the operating system and browser (when using a JavaScript client). In theory, it is called as soon as the connection closure is detected. I don't know why it takes so long for the browser to detect it. Could you indicate which operating system and browser version you're using?