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Apple’s App Transport Security support.

We have recently known that Apple wants developers to adopt its ATS protocol (App Transport Security) before 2017, in order to enforce the app communications. As far as we know, apps that do not use ATS will be rejected.

We are using 3.5.1 Ice version in our iOS app, and our application can not use another Ice version.

- How could ATS affect Ice?

- (apart from ATS) How could iOS10 affect Ice?

- What would be the possible solution for us in these cases?

Thanks a lot for all. Our application has complex communications and we would need an answer soon to make the necessary changes as soon as possible, in order to support our customers.

Best regards, José María Sánchez-Aguilera from ZENNIO.



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    ATS shouldn't affect Ice since it only applies to the HTTP APIs (NSURLConnection) that are not used by Ice.

    We will officially support iOS 10 with the next Ice version. I can't say for sure older Ice version will work with it but in theory it should. The best is to try your application with iOS 10.