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Ice, Ice-E, and Ice Touch 3.6.3 released

mes California
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ZeroC is pleased to announce that Ice, Ice-E and Ice Touch 3.6.3 are now available for immediate download. As a patch release, version 3.6.3 is fully backward-compatible with all prior 3.6.x releases. Please visit our release notes for more information on upgrading your applications:

Version 3.6.3 includes a number of improvements and fixes. Here are some highlights from the changelog:

  • Added support for limiting the number of events queued for a given IceStorm subscriber.
  • Speed up the update of IceStorm replicas after the election of a new IceStorm coordinator.
  • Added support for archiving log files in C++.
  • Added support for PHP 7.0.

You can browse our GitHub repositories to see exactly what changes we've made.

As always, we value your feedback. If you have any comments, suggestions or bug reports, please post them here on the forum.

Best regards,

The ZeroC Staff