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Ice 3.6.3 regression: slice2java generates invalid code

Hi folks,

I'm seeing what looks like a possible regression in the 3.6.3 release. All the errors are of this nature:

error: cannot find symbol
  symbol:   method __error(Error)
  location: variable xxxxxxxx

I have attached a sample ice file to demonstrate the problem; running though slice2java should give you the code which fails to build. This code was working with Ice 3.6.2 and earlier.

Reproduced on: Windows/VC14, MacOS X 10.12 and CentOS7, all with Ice 3.6.3.




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    It looks like you're compiling against a 3.6.2 (or earlier) Ice run time JAR file. If you're recompiling your Slice files with the 3.6.3 translator, you also need to use the 3.6.3 run time.


  • Ah, that might well be the case. I'll double-check that, thanks.

  • Yes, I've rebuilt against the updated dependencies and this appears to fix everything. Sorry for bothering you, and thanks again.