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How to verify IceBoxNet is up and running?

We use IceBoxNet for managing our custom .net services. We start IceBoxNet by Process.Start() within our code and afterwards try to get the ServiceManager. Depending on timing behavior of the start() methods of our custom services which are started by the IceBox, we are not able to get the proxy for the ServiceManager at first attempt. Only after several retries we finally success.

Is there a possibility to check when the IceBox is up and running, so we don't have to implement a retry mechanism?

Btw: Is it possible to launch IceBox without starting the hosted services automatically?


  • janos
    janos Germany
    edited November 2016


    my approach would be to make it more event driven and wait for a signal from IceBoxNet. This out-of-the-box should do the trick:*-IceBox.PrintServicesReady

    However I haven't tried it, it seems to only get fired when all services have been started. If you have no automatically starting services, I'd create one, which can deliver lifecycle information to third parties waiting. This could be done via distributing signals either via ICE, by creating a file or writing state to a database, whichever rocks your boat.

  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    Monitoring the process standard output and waiting the ready message to be printed out for IceBox servers started with --Icebox.PrintServicesReady is indeed a good solution.

    Another option would be to use IceDiscovery and configure it to lookup for the service manager object for as long as you need. For example you can try the following:

    Here, the icebox admin process will wait for up to 20 seconds for the ServiceManager facet.