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slice language underscores

in the Ice Manual,it says "
Identifiers begin with an alphabetic character followed by any number of alphabetic characters or digits. Underscores are also permitted in identifiers with the following limitations:
an identifier cannot begin or end with an underscore
an identifier cannot contain multiple consecutive underscores
Given these rules, the identifier get_account_name is legal but not account, account, or get__account.
Slice identifiers are restricted to the ASCII range of alphabetic characters and cannot contain non-English letters, such as Å. (Supporting non-ASCII identifiers would make it very difficult to map Slice to target languages that lack support for this feature.)"
but when I define a structure:
struct user{
string user_name;
string user_pass;
but the compiler says " illegal underscore in identifier `user_name' "
my ice version is 3.6.0,the document is the latest version.