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IceBoxServer Java JVM Remote Debug


I am trying to start the IceBox java server from an IceGrid with the agentlib command line jam arguments to enable remote debuggers to attach to it. The arguments are directly passed into the IceBoxServer instance and not to the jvm. I am fairly sure that the arguments are placed properly. Is this concept at all viable or is there another way to remotely debug IceBox services?

Thanks in advance!



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    You should be able to pass to argument to the JVM use the option element of the IceBox descriptor element

    Or you can edit the descriptor from the IceGrid GUI and change the command arguments

  • Hi,

    yes that's exactly what I thought I did. I didn't realize that the parameter was after the IceBox.Server, hence the error message:
    Server: unknown option-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=6005'
    Usage: IceBox.Server [options] --Ice.Config=`

    As soon as I moved the jvm parameter to the front, it works again.. Sorry, probably the effect of a long day. :smile::neutral:

    Thanks for the help!