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Size of request inside a Dispatch Interceptor

Is there any way to get the size of a request from inside the dispatch function of a Dispatch Interceptor? At the moment I can only get the current-object from the request, which doesn't contain any information about the size. It would already help if I could get the length of the encapsulated input parameters form the request object.

I'm using a simple c++ Dispatch Interceptor as it shown in your example:


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    It's not possible right now to do this with a dispatch interceptor. Can you explain what you're trying to do? You might be able to provide some advice on the best way to achieve it.

    Did you consider using the Ice Management eXtension for instance to monitor the size of the requests?



  • Hi Benoit,
    I'm building a local network simulation for a system which uses the ice framework, so it's not your typical use case. My plan is to block Ice-RPCs with an interceptor and route them through my simulator. The size of a request will be used as routing information. I'll probably use your suggested metric mechanism to model the distribution of the message sizes.

    Thank you,