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CMake support for Ice 3.7.0

I added support for Ice 3.7.0 in this merge request: This includes support for the new C++11 library variants on all platforms, as well as searching for NuGet packages on Windows.

This will be released in CMake 3.10.0, but you can get a copy from here in the meantime to include in your project:

I'm considering dropping the support for Ice 3.3 and 3.4 from this module, since they are no longer actively tested by myself, and are likely not used much in practice. If anyone uses FindIce with these Ice versions, I'd appreciate any feedback.

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  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL

    Thanks Roger, I hope this was a reasonably straightforward addition.

    Does this support for Ice 3.7 also include support for Freeze 3.7?

    On Linux and macOS, the Freeze 3.7 libraries and utilities are installed alongside the Ice libraries and executables (in /usr/lib64, /usr/local/lib etc. depending on the platform), so it probably works fine. On Windows, they are now in a separate NuGet, so this could be more work.

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  • I have not added any specific support for Freeze; it will work on Linux/MacOS without any changes. On Windows, it will work if you manually add the NuGet package to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH I think, but I can also add explicit support for finding the Freeze packages as we do for the Ice packages. That shouldn't be much extra work.

  • Merge request for Freeze support:

    This autodetects the appropriate NuGet package for the toolset and Ice version in use.