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Returned proxy points only to loopback interface


my application has an interface function that returns the properties admin proxy (C++):

Ice::ObjectPrx adminObj = getCommunicator()->getAdmin();
Ice::PropertiesAdminPrx propAdmin = Ice::PropertiesAdminPrx::checkedCast(adminObj, "Properties");
return propAdmin;

proxyToString() on this proxy returns:

proxy: ConditionHandler/admin -f Properties -t -e 1.0:tcp -h -p 40047

The problem is that this proxy only contains the endpoint instead of all interfaces.
Thus, if a someone calls this from another machine this return proxy is unusable for that client.

Why does this proxy only contain the loopback interface as endpoint?


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    edited September 2017

    Hello Mirko,

    It's usually a good idea to restrict who can talk to your admin object, see:

    The admin proxy endpoints you're seeing correspond to your setting for the Ice.Admin.Endpoints property, which seems to be:

    # Use an ephemeral port
    Ice.Admin.Endpoints=tcp -h


    Ice.Admin.Endpoints=tcp -h -p 40047

    You want to change the value of this property to make your admin object reachable over the network, for example:

    # listen on all network interfaces, and publish only non-localhost endpoints in proxies
    Ice.Admin.Endpoints=tcp -h * -p 40047

    Best regards,

  • Thank you, that solves it.