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Is there any schedule for supporting golang

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Dear Zeroc Developers,

First of all, Thanks all for building this wonderful framework. I've been using ICE as a middle ware for several years, and it has a remarkable performance in my program.

Recently, I am planning to rebuild my program, because my program starts getting harder to maintain after many terrible decisions I made during these years. I know its my own problem and I didn't have much experience when I started my program.

Before I start it, I wish I could use golang to rebuild it, because there are so many packages we can use in the repository. Even C++ has many handy libraries, but its hard to deal with dependency and portability, especially the Makefile makes me desperate.

Therefore, I wish someone could tell me is there any schedule for supporting golang in the development team? And if someone has interested in golang-ICE, please leave your comment.

Thanks again.



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL

    Dear Ken,

    Designing a Slice to Go mapping should be straightforward, however, implementing this mapping would be quite a bit of work. And as you can see from our GitHub commits, we're not working on Go at this time.

    If having Ice for Go is important to you, the best would be to sponsor its implementation. For example, we recently added support for MATLAB thanks to the sponsorship of one our users, ETAS GmbH.

    All the best,

  • Thanks, Bernard.

    I am glad to hear that I can sponsor it, I will consider the proposal.