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Feature list / description of Ice on website

I recently recommended Ice to someone at my university, and not knowing myself exactly what Ice can and cannot do, I referred them to the feature list on the website. They were promptly disappointed (not with Ice, but with the feature list).

The manual has a much better description of what Ice is and what it can do, in Chapter 2 and 2.3 Ice Services in particular.

My suggestion is to rework the feature list to be more like section 2.3 of the manual.


  • I take it that you are referring to the feature overview? That is really intended to be a high-level overview providing the highlights, and is not meant to be comprehensive. I'm afraid that, if you want something in more depth, you really need to read the manual--that's what it's for ;)

    But will have another look at whether we can improve this. The main problem with an overview is that, if we add too much detail, it's no longer an overview (and people get bored quickly with long web pages and stop reading).


  • Section 2.3 of the manual is comprehensible and brief, so it serves well as an overview of Ice's features. The obstacle is only that it's in the manual, which isn't the first place someone goes to look for such an overview.
    Ice Services
  • Did you see the Ice Services page and its associated pages? That is similar to what's in section 2.3.


  • No, I don't think I looked at that. It does provide a good overview, but going to that page first isn't exactly obvious for a visitor to the site.