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Ice 3.7.0 - MaxMessageSize property


I've migrated my project to ice 3.7.0, the project is based on the demo (Glacier2 with SessionManagement).

I'm transfering files over network and I'm setting the Ice.MessageSizeMax property in config.server and config.client. I've observed that e.g. a value of 917504 for the MessageSizeMax property works but with e.g. 1310720 I'm getting a com.zeroc.Ice.SocketException and the following Ice.Trace.Protocol loggings:

-- 01.02.18 15:27:01:135 Protocol: sending request
message type = 0 (request)
compression status = 0 (not compressed; do not compress response, if any)
message size = 1310881
request id = 16
identity = session/88068ec1-07ae-4d00-82d7-dd1527b2c517
facet =
operation = putAudioFilePartWithoutDirectoryEntryInformation
mode = 0 (normal)
context =
encoding = 1.1
-- 01.02.18 15:27:01:143 Network: closed tcp connection
local address =
remote address =
error = 0

Can I somehow configure to allow larger MessagesSizes or is it inherently restricted to a maximum?

Regards Klaus


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Hi Klaus,

    There's no maximum for Ice.MessageSizeMax. I don't understand why it wouldn't work for a larger value of Ice.MessageSizeMax.

    Note that this property needs to be defined on the Ice processes that will receive the message ("receiver" side), it's not necessary to configure it on the "sender" side. So in your case, if the client sends the message, you don't need to set this property in the client configuration file but you should set it in both the Glacier2 and server configuration files.


  • Hi Benoit,

    thanks - setting the property in Glacier2 AND server configuration files did solve the problem.

    Regards Klaus