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IceStorm Publisher Subscriber Architecture

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As part of a course project, I must use IceStorm to exchange primitive informations (string) and Serialized Object (managed by Ice as string I guess), between a client, multiple servers, and meta-server (servers federation).

Each server must contain a list of Objects (excepted meta-server).

Client must be able to :

  • get an object by using his name (object’s string attribute).

  • add an object to the server who has the less object number or random choice if all servers have the same number….

  • remove an object from servers by using object's name string attribute

I must use IceStorm and avoid to use synchronous queries as much as possible

Servers must be discovered by meta-server automatically

Hot discover

Could you help me to find an architecture for the data exchange between components… ?

Client,Servers,meta-server coded in Java

I think do something like this :

  • To get an object by name => Client send synchronous query to meta-server (specific method call with object name attribute in parameter). Then, meta-server publish message to servers, the server which have the object, send Serialized object to meta-server with sychronous query. Finaly, the meta-server reply to client in returning the Serialized object in the previously called function.

But I don't know if is a clean architecture and If its possible to send synchronous messages and have IceStorm mensenger on the same server....

For the rest I can't find a solution


  • Could you help please ?

  • neros
    edited February 2018

    I have find a good architecture, but I need to access servant attributes ( of com.zeroc.Ice.ObjectAdapter) after the add method invocation.

    In fact, I need to know if I can

    put static volatile com.zeroc.Ice.Object object in class attribute

    then instaniate the servant before do this (in main) :

    adapter.add(object, com.zeroc.Ice.Util.stringToIdentity("clientmetaserveur"));

    Finally, access to object (servant) attributes in a Thread while client modify them by calling interface methods....

    Could you help ?