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ICE 3.7 package in Ubuntu 18.04 main repos?

It would be nice to have ICE 3.7 in the main Ubuntu repos (this saves the hassle of adding the repo manually).
The current preview of Ubuntu 18.04 only has packages for ICE 3.6.

Is there already a plan for creating a package for Ubuntu 18.04 (i guess so) and adding it to the Ubuntu 18.04 main repos (i hope so)?

If there is no current plan, here a quick overview for getting packages into 18.04:

Feature freeze + Debian import freeze is on 01.03.2018 (

There are several ways of getting packages into Ubuntu 18.04 (

The preferred way is adding a package to Debian SID (these packages can be synced after the import freeze).
I already added a request for package to Debian SID (
Since i do not know how high your priority for this report is, i wrote this post.