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Application Crashing abruptly with following error in client logs

Hi We have a Java application server and a C# .Net Client which connects to the application server. For some of the users we see the application is crashing abruptly with the following error. Can you please help to understand the issue here and cause of the issue

Type : Ice.CommunicatorDestroyedException, Ice, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cdd571ade22f2f16
Message : Exception of type 'Ice.CommunicatorDestroyedException' was thrown.
Source : Ice
Help link :
Data : System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
TargetSite : Boolean wait()
HResult : -2146233088
Stack Trace : at IceInternal.AsyncResultI.wait() in c:\Users\jose\workspace\dist-utils\build\ice-v3.6.4\builds\VC120-x86-release\csharp\src\Ice\AsyncResult.cs:line 463
at tss.StaticDataServicePrxHelper.end_getLatestChangeTimestamps(AsyncResult r__) in C:\UBS\Dev\TSS_4.2\Source\Server\Web.Services\TSSService.Proxy\TSS.cs:line 80430
at tss.StaticDataServicePrxHelper.getLatestChangeTimestamps(Dictionary2 context__, Boolean explicitCtx__) in C:\UBS\Dev\TSS_4.2\Source\Server\Web.Services\TSSService.Proxy\TSS.cs:line 79773 at tss.StaticDataServicePrxHelper.getLatestChangeTimestamps() in C:\UBS\Dev\TSS_4.2\Source\Server\Web.Services\TSSService.Proxy\TSS.cs:line 79762 at ICEServiceProxy.TSSServiceProxy.ICETSSService.<>c__DisplayClass1d.<getLatestChangeTimestamps>b__1b(StaticDataServicePrx proxy) in C:\UBS\Dev\TSS_4.2\Source\Server\Web.Services\TSSService.Proxy\ICETSSService.cs:line 357 at ICEServiceProxy.TSSServiceProxy.ICETSSService.ExecuteServiceCall[T](Action1 proxyAction, Func`1 GetProxy) in C:\UBS\Dev\TSS_4.2\Source\Server\Web.Services\TSSService.Proxy\ICETSSService.cs:line 259


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    edited March 2018


    The C# service is making an invocation on the Java server (it's calling the getLatestChangeTimestamps operation). The invocation fails with the exception Ice.CommunicatorDestroyedException. It's important to remember that Ice invocations on proxies are subject to failures: you have to surround the calls with exception handling to handle these failures and act appropriately.

    The Ice.CommunicatorDestroyedException indicates that another thread in your C# client destroyed the communicator (it called communicator.destroy()) while the invocation getLatestChangeTimestamps was in progress. If your C# client is using Ice.Application this typically occurs if the user hits Ctrl-C to interrupt the client.

    For more information on this see:


  • Thanks for the quick response.

    Got your point here, will check that with C# team.

    And also i want to let you that client has not configured Ice.Default.Timeout, i.e it is defaulted to 60 sec.
    and the server has a configured this to infinity Ice.Default.Timeout=-1.
    Does the abrupt close of the communicator has something to do with this setting ?

  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    The communicator destruction can't be caused by the timeout setting. The communicator destruction can only occur following an explicit call to communicator.destroy() (which might occur because of a Ctrl-C if you're using Ice.Application).


  • thanks Benoit, i appreciate your prompt response.. thank you again