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Report A fatal bug about File IceUtil/Thread.cpp

edited April 2018 in Bug Reports

Anyone who are still using ice of prior to version 3.2(3.2 Included ) on Linux/Unix?
In File IceUtil/Thread.cpp, in the function of IceUtil::Thread::start(size_t stackSize), int rc = pthread_attr_init(&attr), but attr does not destroyed after pthread_create , this would lead to memory leak or memory arise.

So, you must use pthread_attr_destroy(&attr) after pthread_create, and recompile the ice .

But after version 3.2, this problem is solved.



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL

    Ice 3.2 is quite old, and I would suggest you use a more recent version for your studies.

    How did you come across this issue in such an old version?

    Best regards,