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There are no Homebrew formulas for different PHP versions anymore

It seems Homebrew significantly changed everything related to PHP recently. Here is what it outputs if you try to install zeroc-ice/tap/php70-ice (as suggested on page):

zeroc-ice/tap/php70-ice was deleted from zeroc-ice/tap in commit bb34b8f:
  Remove dependency on deprecated homebrew-php
  - Removed php56-ice, php70-ice, and php71-ice which depended on homebrew/php
  - Added php-ice which depends on homebrew/core/php
  See for more information on
  the deprecation of homebrew-php.

So I guess that section on a download page has to be updated at least.



  • joegeorge
    joegeorge Jupiter, Florida
    edited April 2018

    Hi @xorax. We recently updated our tap to work with the latest Homebrew php, now in the homebrew-core tap. Thanks for reminding us to update the website :smile:.

    We've updated the website instructions to show the new formula, php-ice.

  • But do I get it right that there is now no official way to have PHP 7.0 with ICE since php-ice depends on php which in turn is PHP 7.2?

  • joegeorge
    joegeorge Jupiter, Florida

    When homebrew-php was originally deprecated, only php (version 7.2) was migrated to homebrew-core. They've recently added php@5.6, php@7.0, and php@7.1

    We plan on adding formulae for these php versions, hopefully today or tomorrow.

  • joegeorge
    joegeorge Jupiter, Florida

    @xorax We've updated the formula, you can now build Ice for PHP 7.0 with the following command:

    brew install php-ice --with-php@7.0