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A question about setObserversByIdentity in c++ builder vcl form

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I want to write a c++ program like IceGridGui in c++ builder 2007 with VCL Form; I use the Ice-3.2.1 version;
I put a button on main form, if I click the button, it would login to icegrid and register observers to monitor the icegrid;
When successfully createAdminSession, it comes to setObserversByIdentity. But program is blocked in setObserversByIdentity, and the main form can not reaction anymore.

But if I write a console application without any VCL , all is ok, it would not be blocked by setObserversByIdentity ; So, I think my setObserversByIdentity code has no problem.

So , I want to know, in c++ builder VCL application, whether I must invoke setObserversByIdentity function on separate Thread ?

my vcl program is in attachment testice.zip, on the file MyAdminSession.cpp

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