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Where is the Ice 3.7 IceGrid Admin interface documentation?

simon Netherlands

Recently I upgraded from Ubuntu Xenial to Bionic, and with it from Ice 3.5 to Ice 3.7. However, when I now search for the IceGrid Administrative Slice definitions on, I see a webpage saying: "IceGrid-ApplicationDescriptor' has been deleted. A space admin may be able to restore it from the trash if you need it back.

Did something drastically change concerning the IceGrid Admin stuff? For example the IceGrid-ApplicationDescriptor docs give a 404 when looking for them in Ice 3.6 docs... I googled for "zeroc icegrid applicationdescriptor" (without quotes). I am currently using these calls (instead of the XML, since it's contents are dynamic in more ways than a server or service template can accomodate), and they still seem to be working in Ice 3.7. The Icegridgui also show that the calls I made are handled properly and configured in the icegrid... Thanks in advance for your help.