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How to reuse Request in DispatchInterceptor?

ICE: 3.7.1
JDK: 10.0

My case:
Node_A will send a request to Node_B,then the Node_B will handle the request locally, and it will forward the request to Node_C.
Here is my code sample:

public class ForwardInterceptor extends DispatchInterceptor {
    public CompletionStage<OutputStream> dispatch(Request request) throws UserException{

        Identity identity = request.getCurrent().id;
        String serviceName = request.getCurrent();
        String operation = request.getCurrent().operation;
        Map<String, String> context = request.getCurrent().ctx;

        //get all dest node ids
        List<String> destNodeIdList = JSON.parseArray(context.get("DestNodeId"));

        Object servant = NodeContext.findServant(identity);
        if (servant != null) {
                //just only dispatch the request to local servant
                return servant.ice_dispatch(request);


                //step 1: dispatch the request to local servant

                //step 2:remove current node Id from destNodeIdList

                //step 3: forward the request to other-nodes
                for(String destNodeId : destNodeIdList){
                    Session destSession = SessionManager.getSession(destNodeId);
                    ObjectPrx base = destSession.getProxy(serviceName);

                    //Error, How to retrieve byte[] inParams from request object?
                    byte[] inParams = getInParams(request); 
                    base.ice_invoke(operation, com.zeroc.Ice.OperationMode.Normal, inParams, context);  


    private byte[] getInParams(Request request){
      Incoming in = (Incoming)request;
      byte[] inParams = in.readParamEncaps();
      return inParams;


  • bglmmz
    edited May 2018

    the exception on Node_B:

        at com.zeroc.IceInternal.OutgoingAsyncBaseI.waitForResponse( ~[ice-3.7.1.jar:?]
        at com.zeroc.IceInternal.ProxyIceInvoke.waitForResponse( ~[ice-3.7.1.jar:?]
        at com.zeroc.Ice._ObjectPrxI.ice_invoke( ~[ice-3.7.1.jar:?]

    the exception on Node_C:

         reason = ""
        at com.zeroc.Ice.InputStream.readInt(
        at com.zeroc.Ice.InputStream.readEncapsulation(
        at com.zeroc.IceInternal.Incoming.readParamEncaps(
  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    You're using un-documented IceInternal APIs here. You can't use dispatch interceptors for your use case. Instead of dispatch interceptors, you should use the Blobjects API:

    • implement a blobject servant and install it as a default servant (like you did for the dispatch interceptor)
    • the implementation of this blobject servant will forward the request to a number of proxies which can point to a local Ice object from Node_B and a remote Ice object on Node_C.

    On Node_B, you can create an object adapter without endpoints to host the Ice objects that the blobject will invoke on.

    Let us know if you need additional information on this.


  • I resolved this problem, and I still used dispatch interceptor.

      to do something with request;
      ObjectPrx.ice_invoke(operation, OperationMode.Normal, ((Incoming)request).readParamEncaps(), context);