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Endpoints without any dns service.

Nycae Spain
edited June 2018 in Help Center

Everytime I worked with Ice I used icegrid, but I need to initialize the endpoints without it now.
What would be a good example of endpoints for the client and servervant without using any dns?
I don't need to leave the local network.
I tried using on servant:
"default -p 8080"
"ServantName:localipoftheserver -p 8080"
I know without DNS and static IP I would need to change the client endpoints everytime I log on a network.
Any advice?
Thank you.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    See the Ice manual for information on the endpoint syntax.

    With your example, the syntax on the client side should be: ServantName:default -h <IP> -p 8080

    You can also check our Ice demos for some examples of endpoint configuration (see the config.* files).


  • Thanks I was used to do some not-distributed stuff and that caught me off guard.