This forum has been archived. Please start a new discussion on GitHub. Appears while running the demo for version ice 3.7 Appears while running the demo for version ice 3.7. It appears on sayHelloAsync function of the demo. I have disabled the certificate identifcation part for iceSSL.

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  • bernard
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    Hi Prakhar,

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    Could you be a little bit more specific?
    Which demo are you using? (Ice includes many demos)
    Are you running the client on your Android device? What about the corresponding server? means Ice could contact the target server and object adapter, but no object with the provided Ice identity was found in this object adapter. This could happen if you are running a demo server that does not correspond to your demo client (many demo servers use the same port - port 10,000).

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  • I am Sorry to be unspecific of these things.

    Yes you are right client is on android device and corresponding server is based of C++ Language Wrapping.
    So your answer, if my conclusion is right, makes one thing clear that the connection is proper with the server and client. The issue is now with the object mismatch between the too.

    Thank you