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Communicator Initialization in Android (JAVA)

Please share the docs related to initialization and destroying of a communicator. The ice-demo hello, shared on GitHub is very simple and not suitable for complex flow where continuous initialization and destroying/shutdown is required.

The initialization document given for java cannot be used on as it is in android due to different flow of the program.

**Please do correct if you find me wrong as i am new to ICE framework.
Thank you


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    Can you explain why you need to continuously initialize and destroy the communicator?

    Typically, the communicator is created when the application is started and it's destroyed when the application terminates. For applications which relies on sessions and use Glacier2, a new communicator can be created/destroyed for each session.

    This is what the Android demos demonstrate and this should suite most applications. Can you tell us a bit more at the reasons why this doesn't fit your application so that we can better help you?