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The ICE Not working when ICE server on Static IP, but works fine on local network

The problem: **
The ICE client is able to invoke objects on ICE server but when the ICE server is trying to perform the same, no invocation ICE client object is made._
BUT, when this scenario is tested on local network the system works like charm. **_

Is their, any setting option required at ICE server end to checked or is it something else to be taken care of.

When the System doesn't work.
1. ICE Server: on static IP
2._ ICE Client :_ On any device with internet connectivity.

When the System work as expected
1. ICE Server: _ On the local network
ICE Client : _ On the local network



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    I recommend enabling network tracing on the server with Ice.Trace.Network=2, you will better understand how Ice works for sending requests from the server to the client. Basically, the problem is that the server tries to establish a new TCP connection to your client which is on the Internet. It fails to do so because this client is very likely unreachable directly (behind a firewall?).

    To deal with clients which can be behind a firewall, you need to use Ice bi-directional connections. We provide two ways to use such connections:

    Using Glacier2 is usually the simplest solution. You can check out our demos that demonstrates both Glacier2 and bi-dir connections (in the Glacier2 and Ice/bidir directories)