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Compiling on 3.6 following upgrade from 3.5 generates an error

rodgercarodgerca Member ClareOrganization: PersonalProject: CRM system
    error: cannot find symbol
    16:07:04.884 [ERROR] [system.err]   IceInternal.Functional_GenericCallback1<> __responseCb, 
    16:07:04.884 [ERROR] [system.err]                                                                    ^
    16:07:04.884 [ERROR] [system.err]   symbol:   class Functional_GenericCallback1
    16:07:04.884 [ERROR] [system.err]   location: package IceInternal

Getting the above error when doing a new compile on ICE 3.6. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure our code is compatible....

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