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tried to compile swift hello example in xcode followed all the installation instructions. Get following error message
ld: framework not found IceImpl
can anybody help to resolve the issue.


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain


    We add IceImpl framework after the beta, can you pull changes from the swift branch in ice-demos repository and run carthage update in ice-demos\swift.

  • i have pulled the latest swift branch ...... "carthage update" does not create the IceImpl framework.

  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain

    what is the output of carthage update?

    I seeing

    carthage update 
    *** Fetching ice
    *** Fetching PromiseKit
    *** Checking out ice at "224c102bae8829358a56c3ddddd3ffa0a52b2dea"
    *** Checking out PromiseKit at "6.10.0"
    *** xcodebuild output can be found in /var/folders/wx/h0n192c96r1fz21qkn3qgvp40000gn/T/carthage-xcodebuild.ss6J2M.log
    *** Building scheme "PromiseKit" in PromiseKit.xcodeproj
    *** Building scheme "Ice macOS" in ice.xcodeproj
    *** Building scheme "Ice iOS" in ice.xcodeproj

    And IceImpl framework is built for both macOS and iOS

    ls Carthage/Build/Mac/IceImpl.framework
    Headers     IceImpl     Modules     Resources   Versions
    air:swift jose$ ls Carthage/Build/iOS/IceImpl.framework
    Headers     IceImpl     Info.plist  Modules
  • That's what i see

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  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain

    Not clear to me why IceImpl is missing in your build, can you attach the xcodebuild log so I can take a look

    Also, what is the output of otool -L Ice.framework/Ice?

  • joegeorge
    joegeorge Jupiter, Florida

    Hi @siegfried, a few questions...

    1. Are you on the latest commit from the swift branch in ice-demos?
    commit 06031a795c0e458af1054f3b87f0397a1b24594d (HEAD -> swift, origin/swift)
    Author: Jose <>
    Date:   Wed Jul 3 18:47:33 2019 +0200
        Update demo projects to account for IceObjc -> IceImpl renaming
    1. What version of carthage do you have? The latest is 0.33.0 (run carthage version).

    2. Could you also try rebuilding after clearing the carthage caches:

    • ~/ice-demos/swift/Carthage
    • ~/Library/Caches/org.carthage.CarthageKit
  • after clearing the caches i could build IceImpl framework ..... thanks for your help