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Ice 3.6.5/slice2cs/vs2017 : generated C# class ' complains about Object.collocDispatch


I'm migrating from 3.4.1 to 3.6.5
For legacy reason (in our project structure) I'm using the slice2cs.exe via CustomBuildTools in vs2017
The .cs files generation completes without errors

However, upon trying to compile the .cs file I get the following compile error:
error CS0535: 'PricingMode' does not implement interface member 'Object.collocDispatch__(Direct)'

All ice classes seem to bear the same problem

An example of my slice file / classes

class ComputationMode

class StdComputationMode extends ComputationMode
    long AvgInd;

NB: the same slice files through the 3.4.1 slice2cs generate cs files who compile correctly, so I believe I am forgetting a migration step...

Thanks for any help


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    Seems that your project still references 3.4.x assemblies collocDispatch__ is not part of 3.6 Object interface, you should upgrade the assembly references to 3.6.5