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IcePy: sequence<long> issues migrating to Python 3

Under Python 3, the long basic type listed under the basic type mappings no longer exists. API methods which take a sequence<long> are now failing with:

self = ..., colNumbers = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5], start = 0, stop = 1, _ctx = None

    def read(self, colNumbers, start, stop, _ctx=None):

E Ice.UnknownException: exception ::Ice::UnknownException E { E unknown = builtins.ValueError: invalid value for element 0 of sequence<string> E }

where the definition of read is:

                readCoordinates(omero::api::LongArray rowNumbers)
                throws omero::ServerError;

and of LongArray is simply:

        sequence<long> LongArray;

Turning those values into strings prints the expected exception of:

E       ValueError: invalid value for element 0 of sequence<long>

which for me suggests a case statement which is falling through to the string default.

I imagine Ice.Long would be one solution as with JavaScript. Additionally or alternatively, would it be possible for the conversion to be similarly flexible for longs as with floats? (cf. Or even better, does a workaround exist? e.g. is there a way to use the TypeInfo definitions to generate a sequence that will be appropriately detected?

Thanks in advance,