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Project with multiples DLL distributed with IcePatch

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I have another question to enhance my solution. I have a DLL that runs with Icebox and distribution is ensured with IcePatch2.

My Project is using 3rd party DLL's that I would like also to distribute in the same folder that my "main" DLL consumed by Icebox but this does not work. At the moment I have only 2 choices that works:
1 - Put my 3rd party DLL in the Ice binary folder
2 - Add the distribution folder path to the system PATH

None of these solutions is elegant, the second one allows at least to distribute all the package with IcePatch whereas the first one forces me to go on each machine to do the distribution manually voiding almost all the IcePatch2 interesting feature.

Is there a way to specify to Icebox to add to its process' Path the folder where the loaded "main" DLL is ?

Thanks again for help,

Jean-Christophe Bellon


  • Thanks Jose for the answer,

    That is a bit surprising since I think not being the only one having this issue when wanting to upgrade some 3rd party DLL that the Icebox "main" DLL rely on.

    Your idea of distributing the IceBox components along with the DLL in the patching procedure seems better that the 2 options I mentioned but still do not look quite elegant (bit longer time to patch, redundant binaries for several servers one same machine, fragmentation of Ice installation...).

    At this stage I am also asking myself if it worth to implement a dynamic DLL load where you can control the Path where the DLL are loaded from rather than the standard DLL load driven by the OS. Static linking could be an option if I manage to get the static libs.

    As I said, I like very much Ice for its overall quality, documentation and your excellent support, and I am quite surprised you do not support such thing. I am sure you have good reasons for this choice and it could be interesting to know them.

    Thanks again for your support,